Archive Exhibition 2009

Review of Carleton Village Archive Exhibition 2009

Our 1st Carleton Village Archive Exhibition was a huge success. A total of 210 photographs of people, buildings and life in Carleton in the past, contributed by residents of the village, were professionally printed and mounted and put on display in Carleton Village Hall for viewing over the weekend. Historical information was displayed under each photograph. A film recalling villagers’ memories of life in the village was shown. A Time-Line of significant events in Carleton’s history was on view. A Quiz Sheet was produced for children. Delicious refreshments were served which raised £253.90 for the Archive. A further £80 was raised from visitor’s donations.

In total 431 people visited the free Exhibition during the 10 hours it was open over the weekend. A numbered Welcome Leaflet was handed to each visitor giving information about the Archive, that visitors could take away with them, and these enabled us to count the numbers who attended. Visitors to the Exhibition, who came from across Yorkshire and Lancashire, were invited to fill in an Evaluation Form and/or write in an Exhibition Comments Book. There was a huge positive response and 132 Evaluation Forms were completed by visitors and 7 pages of contributions were made in the Comments Book.

Long-established residents of Carleton were surprised and delighted to meet distant relatives and old school friends who had specially travelled to Carleton to see the Exhibition. Residents who have recently moved to Carleton learnt about its history and spoke to families who have lived in Carleton for generations. The excitement in the Village Hall was tangible for all to feel as people pored over the photographs and talked together. The event was a wonderful example of bringing the Carleton community together.

Unexpected spin-offs arising out of the Exhibition have already started to happen in the village e.g. people wanting to organise a re-union; people coming together to discuss setting up a Carleton Village History/ Research Group; and people expressing interest in Creative Carleton who had arranged the event.

Who / What enabled it to happen?

 Volunteers –The 2009 Exhibition was organised by the Archive Sub-Committee of Creative Carleton (6 people) who enlisted the help of over 50 other volunteers who worked before, during and after the Exhibition. Their help included scanning in the photos; collecting historical information for the database; making cakes; serving refreshments; dealing with the publicity and fundraising; negotiating printing quotes; getting the scanned photographs ready for the printers; mounting information and putting up the exhibition; creating the DVD; painting and putting up the banners; transporting and painting the exhibition boards and clearing up. Volunteers are listed at the end of this report.

  • Grants – We were very grateful for financial help from Creative Carleton, Carleton-in Craven Parish Council; Craven District Council; Grassroots; and North Yorkshire County Council who all contributed towards the cost of the Exhibition. The Craven Trust offered a grant to build a cupboard to store the Archive in the Village Hall.
  • The Carleton Village Hall Committee – Creative Carleton thanks the Committee for its encouragement and help.
  • The Cultural Services Department of Craven District Council – the advice they gave us was instrumental in inspiring us to aim for a higher quality exhibition and helping us to find solutions for problems we came up against.

The Next Step?

The Archive will continue to grow in the future. At present we hold scanned copies of 500+ photographs. An additional 37 people offered photographs to the Archive at the Exhibition. At least 10 more people agreed to be filmed for the interviews DVD.

It is hoped that a 2nd Archive Exhibition will be held in the later part of 2010. This will depend on the success of local fundraising and future grant applications.

A website will be set up to display the Archive’s collection of photographs and inform people of further events. We will also consider how to put into action some of the suggestions made by visitors and volunteers at the 2009 Exhibition. These suggestions included –

· Holding the next Exhibition in a bigger space or expand it into an additional building.

· Displaying more photographs and having more recent ones from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

· Recording more interviews and having a longer film.

· Having the facility to sell copies of some photographs.

· Making a book and/or DVD of some of the photographs.

· Having actors in period costume during the exhibition.

· Getting more information for the Time Line + map of Carleton

· Increasing the involvement of the Primary School and having more activities for children at the next Exhibition.

· Putting artefacts and other memorabilia about Carleton on display.

· Extending the opening hours of the next Exhibition to include an evening and/or extra day.

· Arranging a “Day in the Life of Carleton” event to encourage children/families to record, with photographs and video footage, the people and activities of Carleton on ONE DAY.

The Archive Sub-Committee: Susan Holmes; Debby Richardson; Kath Davies; Jude Hargreaves; Philip Holmes; (co-opted Tom Holmes).

Volunteers who helped…. Abigail Jerger; Ali Mantle; Amanda Jerger; Ann Nadin; Ann Wharton; Annie Persaud; Bess Martin; Becca Brown; Billy Shepherd; Carol Stocks; Chris Judge; Chris Alexander; Corinne Ludford; Dave Alexander; Derek Nadin; Diana Edmondson; Diana Mallinson; Earl Shepherd; Fiona Steel; Gill Hough: Hannah Eastham; Helen Shorrocks; Jack Humphrey; Jane Heyes; John Claxton; Joe Cullen; Joyce Pattinson; Keith Mollen; Linda Brown; Liz Collins; Moira Sands; Molly Richardson; Pat Mollen; Pete Bramham; Pete Thompson; ; Pippa Bramham; Richard Smith; Robert Mason; Ron Humphrey; Rosemary Judge; Sally Shepherd; Sara Adams; Sarah Holmes; Shan Evans; Sheila Cullen; Steve Richardson; Stella Humphrey; Sue Brown; Sue Wrathmell; Susan Holmes; Tom Holmes; Vicki Woodhead; Viv Doveston and anyone else we may have accidently missed off this list. We are grateful that you all gave your time to make this village event such a success.