Archive Exhibition 2010

Review of Carleton Village Archive Exhibition 2010

We had a most successful event on 9th and 10th October this year.  The Exhibition was a wonderful community project enabling all  sections of the village to get involved as helpers or visitors. 27 volunteers supported the Archive Team in staging the Exhibition over three venues. We calculated over 880 hours of volunteer preparation time beforehand and working over the Exhibition weekend were offered with enthusiasm by those keen to see the history of Carleton celebrated and preserved. Further teams baked and served refreshments in the Village Hall (Creative Carleton members) and at St Mary’s (the Church’s refreshments team)- much to the enjoyment of visitors.

The Committee Room of the Village Hall provided the venue for the material and artefacts from the History Research Group. Visitors found these displays fascinating and used the resources on offer to find out more about Carleton and to help with Family Tree research.

St Mary’s embraced the opportunity to reach out to different groups in the community by allowing the short talks to be delivered in Church and the DVD of residents’ past memories to be screened there. Visitors enjoyed these whilst sampling the range of delicious cakes on offer! Photos of Church history and past Feast and Gala days were also on display.

Barbara Jones kindly gave us permission to use the Post Office premises, free of charge. Here we were able to display photos from the “A Day in the Life of Carleton” event (when groups of villagers had created a photographic record of the village on 4th May 2010), and the “Then and Now” comparison photos. We are very grateful for this support.

We had 300 visitors over the weekend from far and wide. The event was well supported by locals but also attracted past residents of Carleton and those who came to meet up with friends and family whom they had not seen for many years in some cases. In one moving case visitors, who had not previously realised they were related, were able to meet one another!

We wish to express our thanks to all past and present residents of Carleton who have allowed us to copy their photographs into the Archive. We now have 800 in the collection. Thanks, too, to those who have recorded their memories of Carleton in the past for our DVD. We will continue to collect and record these photos and memories throughout the year. If you would like to offer a contribution in this way please get in touch with us.

The services of a professional film-maker and webmaster were given freely (these would have cost at least £2,470 if we had had to pay for them!) and we are very grateful for the donation of their time and expertise. They have offered to continue to support us.

We were pleased the “Craven Herald” gave us such wide coverage this year, publishing our press releases and a full page feature on the Archive just prior to the Exhibition weekend. We were glad, too, that other publications and websites were happy to advertise our event to spread the Invitation to our Exhibition as far as possible.

Representatives from local government, both from local and county level, said they found the event to be well organised and professionally presented. They, and many others, were pleased to see the residents of the village keen to preserve evidence of the history of Carleton. These views were echoed by Julian Smith, our local MP, who came to a preview of the Exhibition on 2nd October and showed great interest in the Archive project and offered his support.

The Carleton Village Archive Group were grateful this year for the financial support of Creative Carleton, The Carleton-in-Craven Parish Council and Craven District Council. Also for the help from four local companies: Mercer Lake Ltd., Wildacre Cosmetics, PMH Productions and Craven Cards and Calendars who helped us meet our insurance costs.

This year’s Exhibition has cost £1,226 to stage and we received grants from the above bodies to enable us meet this total. Over the Exhibition weekend we received £265 in donation jars at the various venues. This will provide a good start for our fund-raising for next year’s Exhibition to be held on Saturday & Sunday, July 2nd & 3rd 2011.

A selection of comments from the 2010 Archive Exhibition feedback forms…………….

excellent. Talks were fascinating. It got all the community together. Wonderful. Very professional exhibits. The effort put into this event by all the volunteers! Meeting up with school friends from the past. Bumping into people I have not seen for a long time. Meeting distant relatives. Information I collected for my Family Tree. Helpful people I spoke to. Warm welcome and friendliness. The enthusiasm of the local people. Revisiting old”

Hopefully, we have addressed this last request with two new photo features planned for next year. These are:

  • a display of all Panto photos and memorabilia, going back to the 1940’s up to, and including, the recent productions, which we hope will draw in younger visitors,
  • a separate category of 1970’s and 80’s photos which we hopeseeing themselves (or their parents) as they once were!!

At the request of residents photos from the “A Day in the life of Carleton” event will get a second showing in the window of the  Carleton Post Office over the next few weeks. The Archive Team’s next project is to produce a display as part of  the Local and Family History Fair in Skipton’s Library on Tuesday 9th November.