About us

20110523153322_a0049The decision to establish a digital photograph archive for the village was taken in 2008. Enough photographs were submitted for digitization for inclusion in the Archive to enable an Exhibition of some of these to be held in 2009. Following the success of that Exhibition it was decided early in 2010 to set up a History Research Group to provide information to support the photograph Archive. With the formation of the Research Group the aim of the Archive became:

to collect a lasting record of Carleton’s buildings; institutions; work and leisure activities; special events related to the school, Church and village community; and the everyday life of villagers which, otherwise, may be lost and to make it accessible to others.

The photograph Archive now has over 1400 photographs, dating from the late 1870s up to the present time. In addition a number of recorded interviews with villagers have been made in which they talk about the village. The Research Group has transcribed the Census records covering the village for 1811 and for 1841 up to and including 1911. It is also building up a digital archive of documents related to buildings in the village, including the 1841 Tithe apportionment, the 1910 Finance Act and several copies of deeds. It has transcriptions of some of the Parish Registers and additionally it holds some family tree information and has recently established a section on the “ancestry” website called Craven Families, although this is still in its infancy. Exhibitions of photographs backed up by research information were held in the village in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015.